Lullaby of the butterfly (2014) 19’54”

A short film written, directed and produced by Tonia Mishiali.

zipcode on black

The production was carried out by the company Zipcode production&design.

seahorse on black

fullmoon productions on black

The film has been co-produced by Zipcode production&design, Seahorse Film Productions and Fullmoon Productions. It was released on 22nd of August 2014 where it made its World Premiere at Sarajevo Film Festival.


A woman receives a mysterious phone call; that same night she has trouble sleeping, tormented with thoughts. Early the next day she abandons her house and sets out on a journey to an unknown destination, carrying a kitchen knife in her bag. After driving all day, she parks her car at a remote location and waits for someone… something… in the middle of the night…



We are officially on IMDb. Visit our film’s page HERE.

Visit the Director’s official page on IMDb HERE.

Technical Information

The film was shot on 2K Blackmagic Cinema Camera with Samyang Prime Lenses and the final film has been exported on DCP. The aspect ratio is 2.39:1 (cinemascope) with stereo sound. Other screening copies available are Bluray, DVD, Apple Prores, and mov (H264).


In case you wish to preview the film for Festival preselection, please contact the Director Tonia Mishiali at toniamishiali@gmail.com